Moonside (summonillusion) wrote in thetalented,


I love lyrics.

I close my eyes and a liquid fire consumes me
its beauty of colors pulsating in rings
fixed downwards...downwards...
time put in what a waste.
why do you hurt me so?
colored graphics worlds unseen by most standard's eyes...
this knowledge in a flash camera
right at the moment
and just for that moment
is there a secret door

and we hunt down for these secret doors...

for an exit outside. a portal in the middle of the room
that I can enter when the air bends the middle of the room
a crack is formed and my fingers caress its invisible edge
and as it opens a new path is formed
and when I walk in what do I see?
everything is sideways in inverted color
but the exit closes up
and what do you do when the exist colses up?

there's so many people on the other side
but invisible to them my hands cannot touch them
but I can see their strangled faces in truth
I have yet to see them this way before
I never knew they were like this
what would I know....maybe it's how I am.
colors wringing through a gravity in the middle
it pulls me through and shoves me up on the wall
just to stare at the midnight sun
glowing its hell towards me in neon twilight

the rivers they collect inside me...
it pours from other's hearts directly into me
all the time do I recieve
and they come in and trickle
my body a flooded sponge

I always hear that water running...all the time
never can run away from it
it always takes after me
always knows where I am
under my arms into their sources
and soaks my fingers from the inside out

god...the water drips all the time....

what is this colored hell?
I close my eyes and there are always colors
shining through and changing too quickly
and never simmer down I need to get some rest some sleep
they cut down into me from the inside
this morse code of fragments
they collect in invisible patterns
nothing ever stable
nothing ever unchanging
the fire oxygen pit has collaborated
and they will infuse their stronghold on me

sharp edge moments you will taste my vein
ready to cut off its circulation
your grip around a snake's neck
as it tries to slither away free

you really are insane...
trying to poach the goods from others
always the secret takings
but I am a giver
I always send out my rays
what can your words do
even if they infuse?

such a quietless night...
oh god, is it cold from the west
only shapeshifting and fixed away
the borderline edge patterns
my headrefuses to turn quickly enough
to see the rest
I want to be able to turn around
in this world of perfection
where nothing is as it seems
and you can trust no one
their faces hang upside down
in the front of my brain
coaxing it into resolution
to bring on others pain

and now they flash infinitely different colors pain
never letting an end to this nightmare
always a new different pattern
always a new one god...
always a new form which it will flash
and it will resonate
the shapeshifter forms
everything that looks so normal normally
twisted into this void oblivion
with only the afterremains of the disappeared
where did you think they were now?
what were you thinking
what did you think?

the flash is coming...

everything is falling now...
god the pain...
and the laughing....

what's your vision?
of what you want things to be
what would've been perfect
all that mattered
solar flare light in ecstasy
falling down headfirst into the evesdropping voices
and all that there is nothing left....
and all that there stability.
this goddamn hell.

watch it will soon see why
the one day that will be your perfection
do you see it change?
a thousand more laughs down the valley
but there is nothing to see at all
no shape...
nothing left...
I seem to be forgetting how I've gotten here at all
just a pull from both sides
no shape
nothing to deny down
sound tearing me apart
and gravity pulling me in two directions
and the sky's upside down
the clouds are falling down
straight first at me
in the night sky
the moon glows like a headlight
and flashes its light
the midnight disco-ball
the nothing shape
different lives...different systems
this is my end
this is my destination
that you will never see
for all your life that matters
and it all slows down...the voices
they're almost coherent now
the ground shape is clear
a glass I cannot touch
no gravity now
no weight at all
but not floating
dead still
just sounds pulling
the essense of life
the knowledge so ripe
there's no upwards now
the entrance is not an exit
just staring fowever in this transfigured ball
the essnece of knowledge that is life
all revealed in one glow
alternating forever
and the sounds never stop
glow down fifty thousand shapes
my eyes are blind
and this is the only sight


the knowledge grain thought provides...

if you move an inch more an icicle will consume you
and torture you alive from the inside
do you feel its jaws reclining its teeth?
did you see the bodies without their legs?
they lay there helpless on their side
movement shoved down into a pocket knife

splattering the brain across the wall after the shattered skull
nothing will come to an end
not without you
come back into the portal
I can't move out
through the shapes of the colors I see faces of werewolves and bears
they all stear at me with their milky swirling colorful eyes
and everything sucked inside them, won't you come and greet me?
I can't remember the answer to say
and this confrontation is at certain delay

I want to eat my own body when it comes down to this
the process of elimination downwards
movement shot down on the knife
no more boredom for life
stop the staring across my face
this is nothing but a bad trip
a bad dream
wake up and your body will be against the wall...
the guns and knives that hold you down
what will you say to them?
a shapeless movement up against the movement fall...
tasteless and only fitting
and the drumbeat will guide me to darkness...

a heartbeat aching to breathe...
nothing but this repeat technique
start over begin again
time will rewind itself by the next day
this never happened
the painting of these words
drawrn to the face of a cult thieving its joys
there's nothing here at all
these colors engulfing my mind
these voices threatening to kill me
god they're still talking...
what is it that I would do?
the tiger's face turns into the mask of a tribal nightmare
now the red will comsume all of the flashbacks
never mind the colors on the walls
never mind the faces bending t heir expressions
I don't mind the faces at all
show me all of your faces
take me inside deeper
shapeless flowers form a bleeding rose
only showing pure colored clear joys

not another face...

you know the awakening of flooded colors
shapeless faces call me into the night
deeper and deeper they go
the downward sound no...
is this the end? the only shape left for us? body can't move
somebody speak for me
somebody speak for me god help!!!!

is your diary used? is it rotted to the core?
your pages are so old
and now they're flipping back
they're going backwards my daer
all of it whatever you said
it's time to move on
it's time to change
shapeless and the colors....
a faint vein beating to the side of my faces
I' mnot afraid at all...
drop down to the guards below
there's nothing there at all
only a smile now isn't it? only a smile now
you only give me a smile god...
it's that drop that kills me
down when I seek solace
there's nothing there ta all

broken harpsichords and bleeding arrows
strumming the melody of my last eclipse
shapeshifting to the bloated colorstream
more rivers will embark their journeys
do y ou feel my skipping flame?
now the face has a fan
all around its shape
quiet skips now......skip quiet
only let the movement tell you our final listen
can you feel it? can you go along with it?
will your arms move at all?

is it dark? is it bright?
wiill your fingers touch the clouds?
are you torn apart intwo? moving above or in a loop?
calm down and you will find a way
the rose now glows with the brilliance of its colors
it was only the face's nose
it was only your nose that told me
whatever it was meant to be shaped
whatever it was thought to be
skipping shapes....
deep sores scream from the inside
blow up into a huge organ again
my cult hero waits its shape
only will you be done gone once more
and you will be disappeared

lip disgusts my face
only selection licked into my state
shape skip.....I see everything backwards now
my whole life in front of me
walking through the transient being
the body riddle tattoos me

now an airplane...the rose shape is
in a direct upward fashion
is it flavored in necromancy
it just s eems to pull in.......or maybe I'm going backward
flowing in my own fashion
but everything in front of me
it seems to be going foward
sucked into the color hole
that lies in front of me
and will this be my death
or the fruitful lies taught to me
only an eclipsed sound brings me a high
from the druderies Ih ave been recieving.

shalow my face in a basket of dreams...
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