Moonside (summonillusion) wrote in thetalented,

it's winter again.

the winter is coming
the heart grows isolative
it's soft, shaded with pure slabs of white
but clear at times like stained glass
the wind can be a howling woman
it can touch like the angel's wings
broken off from its higher homeland
the snow drifts by quietely
absorbs itself in simple tranquility
it's the snow that's doing it
it's so warm and cold
how caressing mother nature's hands can be
while whispering its secret wishes to its beloved
and how we can sometimes fail to understand this love
sometimes a heart of glass can be easily misunderstood
and yet the snow falls again
it's another year in the solitude of winter
the winds are dying again
and then they're coming back
it's this beautiful landscape that betrays us
of our ordinary feelings
it's this serene scenery that gives us quiet isolation
a simple meditation of reflection and time as it passes time
another spring
another fall
and summer in between
it's winter again.

your fertile wings beckons great latitudes
your slight approach only discusses heavy breathing
it is the odd temptation of love that abides these youthful fruits
but the warmth that glows by itself
it can grow cold again
when it abides by the stronghold of time
it is a silent disease
something we are beckoned to release
yet as these hands try to hold it down
it slowly seeps through the thin crevices of our fingers
those smooth cracks that we can never fully seal
fingers touch such soft skin
we are absorbed by this silent resolution
an unbound understanding
limitless in its extents and intentions
yet limited in its time to be itself
please don't transform
allow the world to hold yourself together
you are a silent rose but you are one who has something to say
when you speak it can be subtle
perhaps even subliminal
this is the beauty that stone statues can hold
and legends inside legends
that hold no bounds
or expectations
or limitations
we would never turn you into a beautiful corpse
so come to this nearing light
can you see it? it's coming nearer...
you can see it
so come nearer
or else it's coming to get you.
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