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I Need Help...Big Time Help

First off, let me just plead a bit and ask that, if you do not know the answer to my problem at hand, please don't waste my time and yours by answering. I've been to numerous message boards and have gotten absolutely ridiculous answers that have annoyed me beyond belief. -gets off soapbox- Now, here's the problem-

1. I bought a new computer a week ago.
2. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition
3. I'm a webpage designer.
4. When I try to view source (by right clicking on any webpage, then going to "view source) using Netscape, the AOL browser, or Internet Explorer, I'm coming up with a blank notepad. This happens on the pages I build as well as any other random pages (I've checked about 10 different ones now).
5. This is devastating to me because, being a webpage designer, I NEED the code to appear in the notepad that's showing up blank.
6. I don't believe it has anything to do with my browsers.
7. I have a feeling it's a setting in my computer, perhaps?
8. It has nothing to do with any of these webpages "hiding" their code or whatnot...it's MY computer that's screwing up.

Thank you greatly for your time (whoever decides to take pity on me and answer).

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