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thetalented's Journal

The Talented
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community that critiques any type of
art. Whether it be paintings, anime, photography,
graphics, poems ,writings, ect.

A few things to note:

- Please be nice when you critique, I don't want
to see "Oh this is ugly, get the hell out of
here." Be nice. =)

- Everyone has an opinion, please don't flame a
person because they didn't like your art. You
will be banned from this community if you start
flaming people.

- Please LJ-cut the image if it is larger then
450x450 or if there is more then one.

- Don't post if there is no image or real writings/poetry. We can't have all random posts, ya know. Gotta have something to critique. ^_~


The art that you post is not critiqued by a
particular person, but by the community in the
comments. So the more people, the more critiques.
Please recruit!

Enjoy! I hope your art improves and you get a
lot of tips. ^_^